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Ooohh lookie what I found. One Rincakez old alpacasso art!! Cuties :3




Ooohh lookie what I found. One Rincakez old alpacasso art!! Cuties :3



This is a tiny joint review for both alpacaloco and rosy61987 since my orders from them were conveniently delivered on the same day lmao. Not that I’m complaining, ofc, These were a good pick me up.

This was my first time ordering from Alpacaloco (Julia ) and I’m so glad that I did! The Oshare lace series is my favorite, but I don’t always see them for sale… so of course I had to jump at the chance to purchase these two cuties when I saw someone reblog the sales post. I asked for the additional tracking cost to be added in, and even with that, they were very reasonably priced. Aside from customs holding them for nearly two weeks (so glad I asked for the tracking option ), shipping was pretty fast! Thank you Julia ^^

I’ve previously ordered from Rosy before, but it’s been awhile since then. (You can kinda see the white argona rabbit I purchased from her in the bg of one of the pics xD )This time around, I ordered two of her mystery/lucky packs ( Alpacasso and Swimmer themed ) Shipping was pretty fast considering the time of year, and as expected, the packaging was really cute ( I especially loved the swimmer baggies )  I was very pleased with what I ended up with in both packs. The beige groom Alpacasso is actually the first 16cm I’ve ever owned, and I really love the size? I think I’ll def buy a few more in that height range, now. 

I also got a mameshiba blankie/wrap as an added surprise in addition to everything else ( I think ^^) Thanks Rosy!

all in all, I’m really happy with my orders and I’ll def order from them both again soon when I am able.

XDD” thanks for the review!!  and thank you for your support!!!!


Taking creeper photos.

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For the lovely lady who wanted a close up



My flower baby arpakasso came in today from rosy61987! She also sent this cute hair band which the arpakasso said “I wanna wear it”. So he is. Thank you so much rosy! It was a very quick and smooth transaction and he arrived safely. I had been looking for this series for awhile and thanks to rosy I have one!

Very cute, I want one too :s

Anonymous sent: Hi, I've been wanting an alpacasso for quite a while, but had never took my time to actually dig around the community until now. I ordered my first alpacasso which is a jumbo rainbow one from Tokyo Otaku Mode recently, and I've only stumbled upon your tumblr after that. I'm wondering if you can tell me what are some of the quality control issues that buyers have had experienced with alpacas from TOM? I got a bit worried about it now :c

A couple of people like kittyblacksheep had bad experiences with TOM but the majority of everyone else haven’t had any problems with their orders (I had a fine experience with TOM, alpacasso had all of its tags) so you should be fine. Plus, they have a authenticity guarantee on their pages so if you have any problems with what you get you can use that to message them and they can probably solve the problem.

Anonymous sent: i'm pretty sure an alpacasso i bought at a convention recently is a fake, but i wanted to check with you. it's strange, because i bought an authentic kid's cafe alpacasso from the same seller. it's 16cm (i think, i don't really know where to measure from), purple, and has pinkish red and white earmuffs and a scarf. the tag does say baby alpacasso and amuse on it, and the paper tag says alpacasso too

My searching wasn’t coming up with any pictures of what you described but I’m fairly certain it’s a bootleg as the official earmuff series didn’t have a purple alpacasso. Along with that, there isn’t a baby alpaca series with earmuffs and scarf.

Also is the alpaca shaped like a baby alpacasso, or adult? If it’s an adult and has tags saying baby alpacasso that’s a very easy mistake you can tell with bootlegs.


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